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Company Registration
in Islamabad&Karachi, Pakistan

There could be several reasons and motives why to invest money on Pakistan. Some of its top advantages consist of less competition, 230 Million population, and a hastily developing economy.

Here, you will get an overview of various legal business entities which can be available for local entrepreneurs and overseas investors. We will also share the step-by-step instructions for company registration in Pakistan.

The facts provided here are updated as per the laws and amendments made for company registration in Pakistan.

Shareholders/ Subscribers and Capital Required for Company Registration

For a Single Member (SMC-Pvt) Limited Company, PKR 100,000 and one subscriber/director is required. Processing Time for company registration: 2-3 days

For a Multi-Member (Pvt) Limited Company, PKR 100,000 and a minimum of two subscriber/directors are Processing Time for company registration: 2-3 days

(Please note that there is no official minimum capital requirement for single-member companies or private limited companies in Pakistan.  The amount of capital requirement above is a common practice is to consider PKR 100,000 as of the minimum capital.)

In contrast to many other countries, Pakistan is very welcoming of overseas traders and investors. As an example, you could even import merchandise or machinery without obtaining an import license.

Furthermore, overseas buyers can set up 100% overseas-owned businesses in almost all types of business enterprises. The shareholders may be of any nationality, except the Israelis.

Company registration in Islamabad
company registration lawyers' in Islamabad
company registration

Types of Share Capitals in Pakistan

In Pakistan, there are two sorts of share capitals, (1) paid-up capital and(2) authorized capital. Authorized capitals must be declared within the Articles of Association and the Memorandum of Association at the time of registration of your company. Paid up capital is the money that the company gets from its shareholders/subscribers of shares. On the other hand, authorized capital is the amount of capital that the company is permitted to do business with and it is required to be declared with the application for company registration. The subscribers/shareholders of the company have to pay the number of their shares after opening a current business account with any commercial bank within 30 days of company registration and it should be reported to the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) within 45 days of company registration. The paid up capital the subscribers put in the company account ought to be in compliance along with your planned costs. As an example, if you plan on constructing a manufacturing unit for your business, you must additionally have enough capital for that.

Types of Business Entities/Companies in Pakistan

In case you are planning to invest in Pakistan, here are the sorts of business entities that you can choose from.

Private Limited Company

Local or overseas businessmen/investors (except Israelis) can establish an absolutely foreign-owned private limited liability company (LLCs) in Pakistan. The minimal number of shareholders required is two and the maximum number of shareholders/directors can be 50. Any foreign national may be a shareholder in this kind of employer, besides for those coming from Israel.

Normally, the minimum capital requirement for registration of a private limited company is considered PKR 100,000. However, the actual minimal capital you need to invest depends on your planned business.

Another requirement is that the registered address of the company’s office which have to be located in Pakistan.

The incorporation/registration process time of a limited liability company in Pakistan is generally 2-3 days. At the time of application for company registration you have to submit three proposed names for your new company. Sometimes, the SECP rejects your proposed names for the registration of new company and you have to submit three other names of your proposed company for registration. The registration of a company having foreign subscribers is also requires approval from the Ministry of Interior. In such case, the process of company registration may prolong up to 3-4 weeks.

Single Member Private Limited Company

Almost like a Private Limited Company, you can also get register a Single Member Company in Pakistan with PK Rs. 100,000 (One hundred thousand) of minimum capital.

The normal time required for incorporation is 2-3 days in Pakistan.

Public Limited Company

A public limited company has to offer the shares to the general public. Anyone can buy the stocks. It can be via a public offering or thru trading in the stock exchange. There are two forms of public limited companies in Pakistan, Unlisted and Listed.

Allowed overseas ownership:         100%

Minimal Capital:                                  Rs. 2M  

Minimum No. of Shareholders:       7

Time of Incorporation:                     6 weeks

Shares have to be subscribed by means of at least 500 applicants.

Requirements for Company Registration in Pakistan

Minimum 2 Subscribers/Shareholders/Directors·

No Minimum Capital Requirement (Usually Rs. 100,000)

Minimum Subscribers/Shareholders/ Directors·
No Minimum Capital Requirement (Usually Rs. 100,000)

Photocopies of CNICs of all Subscribers/Shareholders/Directors

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